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Vegetal and agricultural farm for sale in Romania.

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Vegetal and agricultural farm for sale in Ratesti, Argeș, The society manages and works on 200 hectares. 40 hectares in property land in a 95 hectares lot and the rest is leased with a 10 year contract, with extending posibility.

The society owns the following machines, all in good condition, stored in a closed shed:
New Holland cropper 5070, manufactured in 2014, 570 hours of functioning.
Wheat heder 5,2 meters with extension for canola, 2014
Sun flower and corn heder Polimak with 6 rows, it has a straw chopper and stub destructor in front of the cropper's wheels, with protection grid; 50 hours of functioning, purchased in september 2017,
Heder trolley
New Holland T 5060 Tractor, manufactured in 2011, 2500 hours of functioning, 106HP
New Holland G 190 Tractor,7000 hours of functioning, 190HP
Landini Land Power 165 Tractor, manufactured in 2011, 2500 hours of functioning,165 HP
A set of 4 narrow wheels for T5060;
Farmet Combinator, trailed, 2 ring hoists and reserve, croskill version. Working width 4,5 meters,manufactured in 2011. It performs 7 working operations , necessary power minimum 140 HP. Excellent condition.
Muthing vegetal waste shredder , 2 hours of functioning, working width 2,2 meters;
Sfoggia 6 rows hoeing
Pottinger wheat sowing machine, working width 4 meters.
MASCAR 6 rows sowing machine.
Biso 4 furrows plow
Pottinger 3 furrows plow
Kuhn 5 furrows plow
Tandem traiul,16 tons
Trail,10 tons
Double axle peridoc
M.A. BogBalle 24 meters working width;
M.E.T 18 meters working width;
Wheat selector.
All are in perfect operating state, all of them stored in a closed shed.
Price: 500.000 €
Phone number : 0040748859071
The price can be negotiated when we meet.


500000 EUR / Negociabil

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