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Căutare de lucru. Agronom/Manager/ Sef de ferma. (Stare Foarte Bună)

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Textul anuntului

Want job in agriculture, many years experience.
Have a all around education practical and theoretical.
Can communicate verbal in Romanian language, live in Ro last 8 year.
Work with Windows, outlook, G mail , office and also google docs.
Experience from storring, cleaning, drying and treatment of cereals.
Used to make seed. Used to work with local people, advice and management. 8 years experience from Romanian agriculture.
Experience from Wheat, oilseed Rape, Corn, Potatoes , Lucerne and Suckerbeet. Used to make plan for crop protection, fertilize
Are willing to travel for job. Driver License A, B, C
Unemployed for the moment.
I can write faktura, for the work, i have my own firma.
No problem if i need to travel, so search in whole country Romania.


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24 iulie 2019 - 18:54

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Nume:Kjeld Flemming Jensen

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